REVIEW: Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) dir. Joel & Ethan Coen


Existence on the Wrong Frequency   

It’s certainly true that Bruno Delbonnel’s striking cinematography for the Coen Brothers’ most under-appreciated film of recent years beautifully captures the atmosphere of a cold and lonely winter. The slushy snow and blanched surroundings remove any trace of the romance typically associated with fresh snowfall, and instead imbue each frame with an air of exhaustion – the kind you feel whenever it’s too cold no matter how many layers you’re wearing, and the perennial shiver induced as a consequence seems to slowly fray your nerves.

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“Community” Episodes Ranked


This is so much more for my own pleasure than it is for anyone else’s benefit.

I don’t think I’m blowing anyone’s mind by saying that Community is my favourite show. Of the limited amount of blog posts on here, a lot of them are dedicated to the series – certainly the ones that are most read. 

I got into a debate on social media with other fans about the quality of certain episodes, and one thing lead to another and now I feel as though I might as well have this list on hand for anyone who wishes to know where I stand on the episodes (which, admittedly, will not be very many people indeed).

Here’s how this list will be broken down:

The episodes, for the sake of clarifying the jumps in quality between each ranking, are divided into 9 distinct sections, identified below from most negative to most positive:

The Godawful – the real terrible one.
The Painfuls – the ones that are not good’uns. 
The Sad Trombones – the ones that basically are almost fine, but come off as a wet fart.
The Solid Grounds – you know. They’re solid. Good, solid, stuff.
The Charmings – these are the high-quality week-ins, week-outs. The stuff that captures the soul of the series and links the highest caliber of episode together.
The Damn Fines – they’re damn fine, indeed.
The Hell Yeahs – these are getting pretty self-explanatory.
The Top Dogs – the masterpieces.
The Royalty – the masterpieces for which I can’t decide the proper placement, and are most likely to be in a constant state of flux with regards to their final placements.

For each episode, I’ll write a few thoughts relevant to it, so as to justify even creating this list. Some will be more detailed than others, and absolutely none of them will be worth your while, but I’ve embedded a bunch of photos and YouTube videos that’ll hopefully be an enticing enough trip down memory lane in order to make you read this anyway.

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BoJack Horseman: S03 E12, “That Went Well” – Review

BoJack 3x12

BoJack Horseman has no idea what to do with his life now that Sarah Lynn has died as a result of his irresponsibility. The full weight of his own selfishness and reprehensible character has settled on him. However, after a pep talk from Diane, the 90s sitcom veteran decides he will finally agree to do the Ethan Around reboot he has previously dodged. On set, he realizes he is doomed to repeat history with the young girl who replaces Sarah. Confused and despondent, BoJack flees California, eventually resolves to kill himself. He reverses course at the last minute, after a strange sight changes his mind. Meanwhile, Mr. Peanutbutter’s spaghetti strainers come in handy when a mass of spilled noodles cooking in the sun threatens to engulf and boil Pacific Ocean City. Later, Todd’s rideshare company is put up for sale, Princess Carolyn forgoes her vacation to restart Vim as a management company, and Diane accepts a position writing for a culture blog.    

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BoJack Horseman: S03 E11, “That’s Too Much, Man!” – Review

BoJack 3x11

On the heels of a terrible evening in which he failed to get an Oscar nomination and alienated everyone around him, BoJack thinks he has nowhere to turn but to his former TV daughter, Sarah Lynn. He calls up the woman who has been striving for sobriety and immediately sends her back to drug-fueled insanity at his request to party. What follows is a dangerously long stretch of binging, accompanied by frequent blackouts. Each time he loses consciousness, BoJack wakes up further along in his attempts to “make amends” with the people he’s hurt. In an ill-advised series of events, the pair meet up with Penny, the young daughter of BoJack’s old flame Charlotte. Not only does BoJack make that situation worse by reminding the poor woman of the night he nearly took advantage of her, his efforts to bandage his other relationships collapse spectacularly. Worst of all, Sarah Lynn dies of an overdose, unable to withstand the pair’s dangerous activity. Now, BoJack is truly alone.

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BoJack Horseman: S03 E10, “It’s You” – Review

BoJack 3x10

The Oscar nominations have arrived, and BoJack made it onto the list! The only problem is, he doesn’t feel the immediate sense of purpose and gratification he was hoping for. To push down the feeling of stasis, Ana encourages her client to celebrate and embrace his new status as an awards giant. In typical BoJack fashion, he leans into the idea too hard by throwing a massive house party. The night seems to be going well until Diane drops by to check in on her friend. BoJack sees her concern for his tendency to chase false happiness as a personal attack, and the confrontation devolves into a hurtful spat. Once he’s pushed Diane away, the troubled movie star drives a new car into his pool before being rescued by Mr. Peanutbutter. The gregarious dog delivers the news that BoJack’s nomination was a mistake, which sends the latter into  an emotional tailspin. Waking up to find everyone else gone, he has a tense fight with Todd after revealing that he slept with his roommate’s girlfriend, Emily.  

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BoJack Horseman: S03 E09, “Best Thing That Ever Happened” – Review

BoJack 3x09

Following the career catastrophe that ensued in episode 8, BoJack meets Princess Carolyn for dinner at his restaurant, planning to fire her for poor performance. BoJack’s imperiled agent does everything she can to avoid having the conversation, but it comes barreling toward her anyway. She doesn’t take the news lightly, and as the night wears on, the two have an argument for the ages. They lob personal insults and desperately claw for supremacy. The staff of Elefante’s, meanwhile, are led on an indignant walkout when the manager, Sandro, mistakenly believes BoJack intended to fire him. This sticky situation leaves one hopelessly overwhelmed waiter to try and impress a food critic determined to give her review in spite of the chaos. Princess Carolyn and her former client scrabble amid a building literally catching fire as they hash out the past, present, and future of their relationship.  

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BoJack Horseman: S03 E08, “Old Acquaintance” – Review

BoJack 3x08

In “Old Acquaintance”, the competing agency machinations of Vim and Gecko/Rabbitowitz result in a desperate bid to get each company’s star client the leading part in beloved director David Pincher’s next franchise project, Pegasus. BoJack is pitted against Chip Hollister, a musclebound Australian zebra whom Gecko seeks to pass off as a horse. Much to BoJack’s dismay, the tendrils of his past begin to snake around him when Ethan, his co-star from HorsinAround, reaches out to Sarah Lynn about coming aboard a recently concocted reboot effort. As the blockbuster heavyweight hopeful is roped into the plan he doesn’t actually want anything to do with (affronted as he is by Ethan’s thoughtless act of not contacting him to reprise his famous role), the Pegasus opportunity begins to look jeopardised. Princess Carolyn frantically works to negotiate the role by balancing the duelling obligations, but her rival firm attempts to lure her client away with a smaller-scale offer from his former boss, Kelsey. Due to collapsing leverage, Princess Carolyn fails to secure either job, Ana shuts down Ethan’s entreaties, and BoJack is left with no future prospects. Meanwhile, Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter visit the loveable lab’s older brother, Captain Peanutbutter, who might be hiding a dark secret.      

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